"Heritage of the Organ"  Concerts at SSM

“Heritage of the Organ” Concerts
at Stratford Summer Music

In 2008 Stratford Summer Music launched a new series of original organ concerts opening up the fascinating history, culture and possibilities of the King of Instrument. Director of the Organ Concerts and Academy at Stratford Summer music since their inception in 1999, SSM Artistic Associate Christopher Dawes stands at the centre of this series of unique musical events, conceiving, casting, producing and hosting eachone, held traditionally in Knox Presbyterian Church at 2:00pm on the Sunday that closes Organ Week. Mr. Dawes, and a roster of fine guest performers explore the organ’s deep connections to time and places spanning the history of western music, and reaching into our own time and beyond.

The “Heritage of the Organ” Concerts are described in detail as part of the relevant season programming for the Organ Concerts and Academy at Stratford Summer Music at the other end of these links.

Heritage of the Organ I: Salute to Scotland, Sun August 3, 2008, 2:00pm
- download program in PDF format

Heritage of the Organ II: The Organ in America, Sun August 2, 2009, 2:00pm
- download program in PDF format

The “Heritage of the Organ Concerts are offered free of charge to the public: Admission is by donation and all are welcome.

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