In 1994 OA Magazine began a new article series carrying thought-provoking articles, reprints and exclusive interviews with the world’s foremost performers and scholars about the future and culture of the organ. Over the year 2004 they will all be made available via the dowloadable back-issues of OA Magazine. For convenience they are listed here chronologically with the name of interviewee and the city in which the meeting took place, or by what other means of contact. Unless otherwise specified, interviews are with Christopher Dawes.

Fall/Winter 2004: Eugenio Fagiani (St. Clement’s Church, Toronto)
   the Director of the Accademia San Michele in Bergano, Italy’s only school of 20th century improvisation at the organ
Winter-Spring 2004: Orgue et Couleurs (conducted by e-mail)
   a look at the innovative Montréal Fall Organ Festival and conversation with Artistic Director Régis Rousseau.

Fall 2003: Gould Meets Bach: Two Musics in Mind by Christopher Dawes
   script from the 2nd production at Stratford.

Spring 2002: Andrew Flynn (Louie’s Brasserie, Toronto, Ontario)
   Pop Culture and Internet writer for Canadian Press

Fall 2001: “Le Style, c’est l’homme” Naji Hakim (Delta Chelsea Hotel, Toronto, Ontario)
Winter 2000-01: David Goode (Hotel Roehampton, Toronto, Ontario)

Spring 2000: Authentic Interpretation: Where and What Next (Eckardt Grammité Hall, University of Calgary, Alberta)
   a panel disussion with Andrew Raeburn, Michael Barone, Marie-Claire Alain, Robert L. Marshall, Richard Morrison and Simon
   Preston during the J.S. Bach Symposium at the 1998 Royal Bank Calgary International Organ Festival

Winter 1999-00: “The Sound of the Symphony in a Box” by Craig R. Whitney
   reprint with permission from the New York Times, fall 1999 commemorating the centennial of the death of French
   Organ Builder Aristide Cavaillé-Coll
Summer 1999: “A Canadian Organist under the Sea” by Christopher Dawes
   travelogue on Dutch organ culture during a performing tour in the Netherlands, including a visit to the Orgeldag in Groningen
Spring 1999: Alan Jackson (Toronto, Ontario)

Winter 1998-99: Gillian Weir & Lawrence Phelps (Hotel Novotel, Toronto, Ontario)
Spring 1998: Robert Glasgow (Toronto, Ontario)

Winter 1997-98: Klaus Heymann (Inn on the Park, Toronto, Ontario)
   founder and president of Naxos Records, home of the Organ Encyclopaedia Project
Fall 1997: Gerre Hancock (interviewed by Christopher Dawes and Alex Baran as part of the Improvisation series: Buffalo, New York)
Summer 1997: Maurice Clerc (part of the Improvisation series: Toronto, Ontario)
Spring 1997: Bruce Neswick (part of the Improvisation series: Toronto, Ontario)

Winter 1996-97: Arthur Wills (part of the Improvisation series: Toronto, Ontario)
Fall 1996: Gerald Bales (at the artist’s home in London, Ontario)
Summer 1996: Simon Preston (at the home of Peter Partridge in St. Catharines, Ontario)
Spring 1996: Douglas Bodle (St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church, Toronto, Ontario)

Winter 1995-96: Diane Bish (The Windsor Arms Hotel, Toronto, Ontario)
Spring 1995 & Summer 1995: Thomas Murray (interview conducted by fax, spread over two issues)
Fall 1995: Thomas Trotter (Jack Singer Concert Hall, Calgary Centre for the Performing Arts, Alberta)

Winter 1994-95: Peter Hurford (interview with Alex Baran at the studios of CJRT FM 91.1: Toronto, Ontario)
Fall 1994: Frederick Swann (conducted by telephone to McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario)
Summer 1994: Robert Noehren
   reprint with permission of an article in The Diapason, May 1993)

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