Organ Alternatives/OrgAlt Magazine

The OA Magazine, Canada’s Journal of Organ Culture and Creativity, was published by Organ Alternatives from December 1992 to Fall 2004. A final, 40th issue is planned for fall 2007. Besides news on Organ Alternatives projects, events and initiatives, it contains concert and broadcast listings from across Canada, interviews, articles and reviews of concerts and recordings (especially those having a more creative, innovative or just plain unusual bent).

OA Magazine
Click here to download the most recent issue (Fall-Winter 2004), 2.7MB in Adobe’s PDF format. Adobe’s free Acrobat Reader must be installed on your computer in order for you to download, read and print the OrgAlt Newsletter. To obtain Acrobat Reader at no cost visit Adobe Systems.

OrgAlt’s PipeVision Interviews and Articles
Conversations with international figures in the organ world, Articles about the organ’s culture and future, and Resource Articles drawn from over a decade of OA Magazine.

OA Magazine Back-Issues
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