Christopher Dawes - press

    TORONTO, Ontario
    "From the calm, majestic first part [of Bach's St. Anne Fugue] to the rapid movement of the finale, Dawes proved himself a master of the instrument and the music." (1990)

    "The shining star of the evening was Organ Alternatives' director Christopher Dawes, whose signature interpretations of such giant pieces as Messiaen's Transports de joie and Alain's Litanies left us breathless in the dark, marveling at the seemingly endless tonal variety of Canada's largest church organ."(1993)

    FREDERICTON, New Brunswick
    "I was impressed not only by his technical skills (especially evident in Mulet's Carillon Sortie), but by his musical sensitivity as well. It is a difficult role to switch from accompanist to soloist and back again, but one which Dawes handles with assurance." (1991)

    "The opening Sinfonia [from Cantata #29 by J.S. Bach] gave Mr. Dawes the opportunity to demonstrate his ample technical skills. The abundance of 16th note runs were deadly accurate despite a bright tempo....... at no time during the performance did the individual notes get lost in a blur of sound." (1993)

    HAMILTON, Ontario
    "Christopher Dawes sparkled with crystalline delicacy." (1994)

    BELLEVILLE, Ontario
    "Dawes gave a stunning rendition of Bach’s Toccata in F major.  One has to have the nimbleness of a Fred Astaire to cope with this showpiece." (1994)

    PITTSBURGH, Pennsylvania, USA
    "Dawes played with impressive facility and steadiness...... He shaped the music expertly, using articulation and tempo adjustments to achieve rhetorical satisfaction.  He drew lovely sounds from a local small chamber organ, built by Robert Fisher." (1995)

    “A superb pianist, his mastery of a very busy score was complete” (1997)